for Theachers

Intellectual Output 1, Curricular auxiliary for teachers in media production – radio, film and television will have 5 main sections. In the first section we will have two sub-chapters:

1.1. Introduction: a brief description of our project, its aims and objectives;

1.2. A study on the European context, accompanied by statistics produced by the project partners on the EU digital units’ market, as well as other relevant information, statistics and links to the production of more relevant media information in the 21st century.

The second part of the curriculum will contain methods and tools to be used with students in the field of media production for radio, film and television;

This chapter presents an alternative of classical teaching and learning methods that integrate in the learning process the practical activity, thus providing students with a clear idea of why they learn to be able to meet the requirements of the labor market in Romania, Europe and beyond.

Third section, Human Behavior and Adaptation to Media Production, refers to the results of a research on trends and needs in the field of key competences required for the audiovisual sector in order to increase the relevance to the labor market requirements of specific sectors of the initial and continuing education and training systems.

In the fourth part of the Curriculum we will tackle with the topic of Radio, film and television between traditional and digital. This section of the curriculum auxiliary is intended to be a support course for both teachers and students.  In this section we will present classical techniques and technologies used in audio – video production, but also modern production and post – production techniques. and will consider the following chapters:

4.1. Traditional broadcasting, film and television;

4.2. Radio, digital film and television;

The fifth section of the curriculum, The impact of the digital market on radio, film and television’’, will be a case study on influences on media production will be presented in this section.