All the partner organizations in or project, have worked together in the first year of implementation for providing visibility to our project with two main goals in our mind:

  • To generate interest for our results and outcomes,
  • and to build channels with key stakeholders that can contribute to the dissemination and multiplication effect of our project!

Given the pandemic and lock-down from the spring of 2020, we initially focused on sharing the project and its goals within our own organizations, to our experts, trainers and management staff. After wards we started to promote news about the project to other partner organizations and within our own networks and outside of it. In July 2020, all the partners worked on making our project more visible.

On the 19 of June 2020, our journalist and colleague, Mrs. Mirela Nicolae from Radio Romania Cultural organized a radio show at Iclasă, about the RTV project, with the support of the Unit for Project Management of Radio Romania. On the project website we have a short article in EN about it: IClasă, 19th of June 2020. A new Erasmus+ project on new media.

 In July 2020, all the partners shared news about our common project:

Colegiul Tehnic Media shared an article about the project, its activities and objectives on the website of the college, and the team members Monica Pârlog and Zăvoianu Adrian also distributed the article on their own social media platforms.

 Pixel Association posted the article on their website on the News, Projects, Europlan sections and on their media accounts: Facebook, Twitter și Linkedin.

Radio Romania Broadcasting Company promoted the article on the radioromania.ro – Pr. Erasmus+ RTV website and with the support of the Communication Department made a press release.The news about our project was redistributed on the websites of the Radio stations Radio Romania International, Radio România Actualități, Radio Iași, and was posted on the website of RADOR news agency. Also other media outlets such as ziarelive.com and  ultimele-stiri.eu, covered the news. The article was also posted on the Facebook page of Radio România.

Our website https://www.rtv-erasmusproject.eu/ is now becoming the core of our visibility and dissemination strategy, with a few articles already focusing on presenting our project, but also on the dissemination of our intellectual outputs, with the following pages and articles already shared by our partners within their own networks:

 In the autumn of 2020, the visibility activities continues and we will work on both making our project more vocal but also on sharing new articles and pieces of information as we continue the work on the intellectual outputs of our project.


New Dissemination Activities, Autumn of 2020

In the autumn of 2020, the dissemination activities continued, and on the 10th of October 2021 the Headmaster of Colegiul Tehnic Media, Bucharest, Ms. Adriana Dan was the main  guest of the Iclasă Radio Show, organized by Ms. Mirela Nicolae from Radio România Cultural. For many years now, Ms. Adriana Dan a dedicated teacher, discovered the benefits of Erasmus+ projects for the high school, as RTV is not the first E+ experience of the teachers and students from Media College.

At the Gaudeamus Radio Romania Book Fair – http://www.gaudeamus.ro – (16 – 22 of November 2020) a debate with the topic ”Fotographic art is being taught”, was organised by students and teachers of Colegiul Media Tehnic as a way of disseminating the RTV project, but with the main goal of encouraging young students in developping their skills in creating photography and drawings as means of expressing their feelings and thoughts. During the fair, Radio Romania represented by Ms. Mirela Nicolae supported the team of Colegiul Tehnic Media which initiated an exciting photography contest for young people, focusing on the context of isolation and online learning with the title ” My personal space, a friendly place for online school! „. These activities were reflected in prestigious newspapers such as Tribuna and Economistul, and disseminated on the websites of Radio Romania, such as the website of Radio Romania Cultural.

All of our partners helped us share the news about the project and the ongoing work, and in 2021 we will start also to share conclusions and outcomes of the online workshops organized by Colegiul Tehnic Media involving students that were informed about our project and worked on debating methods and using new digital skills for media production.