Media Production Lab

Intellectual Output 3, the Methodology (Guide) for the creation and operation of the Laboratory of Media Production – Radio, Film and Television, is a modern method of teaching interdisciplinary knowledge for media students, and it is the best practice for real life, preparing them for work-based learning in media companies. The teaching concept is based on learning by doing, a simulation of a real situations, based on educational objectives. It will engage students in developing entrepreneurship skills, by simulating a real society that can be achieved through the direct involvement of a coordinator / teacher.

 Through a series of practical activities, students will better understand the relationship between what they learn in school and their involvement later in the global economy. The Media Production – Radio, Film and Television Production Lab will help students better understand their own economic background, education and prepares them for their future career. At the same time, working in the company of other students gives them the opportunity preparing the transition from school to real work.

Under the guidance of their coordinators, the students will be able to analyze and develop information about media production and about different situations in society. The specific objectives of applying these learning methods relate to:

  • Developing entrepreneurship among students in technical and vocational education;
  • Facilitate the transition of VET students to professional life;

The Methodology will be structured in five main chapters:

  • Cine-TV techniques;
  • Image Art;
  • Sound in radio and Cine-TV;
  • Multimedia materials in digital television;
  • Evaluation methods.