Inclusive Management Methodology

Intellectual Output 5 is a Methodology of Inclusive Management. The main objectives of this output are:

– A better articulation between the content of media production training and the new professional practices;

– Increased student employability;

– A pro-active attitude of future professionals facing the challenges and changes in media production;

The Inclusive Management Methodology will be organized into three sequences:

Sequence 1, The key concepts defining the Inclusive Management and its issues: participation / engagement / active attitude / multi-stakeholder project.

Sequence 2, Inclusive Management practices:

– Taking into account different points of view;

– Building consensus;

– Exceeding dichotomies and borders;

– Participatory decision.

Sequences 3, Application of Inclusive Management to media production training:

– Building the training program on the basis of Integrate media institutions needs in terms of

knowledge and skills (training objectives, curricula, teaching tools);

– Invite journalists to actively participate in the process of training students (testimonials, competence, transfer, tutoring);

– Organize a gradual professional integration of students, through training activities inside media institutions (observation courses, practice analysis, etc.);

– Educate students to active attitude, critical thinking and innovation.