E-learning Platform

Intellectual Output 4, Methodology of working with digital instruments in Media Production; – e-learning package with video lessons, consists of an e-learning platform addressed to high school students which study in learning institutions with a focus on Media.  The content of the e-learning platform will be structured in 18 modules, each of them part of broader learning units with specific learning outcomes.

The content of each module will be developed in order to make full use of ICT and Media, providing representatives of the target groups with e-texts explaining the main aspects of the different subjects. The modules will focus on contents such as D-SLR Camera, Photographic Filters, Light and Colour, Cinematic Films, etc.

Each module will include:

– A hypertext presentation of the contents, using links to provide reference to bibliographic and in-depth materials;

– A video tutorial;

– At least 5 practical activities or case studies;

– One interactive test to allow the target groups to self-assess the acquired knowledge.