Key Competences in Radio, Film and Television, an exciting Erasmus+ project

Societatea Romană de Radiodifuziune, the National Public Radio Company of Romania, is the coordinator of a strategic partnership funded through the Erasmus+ program. The project s main goal is to develop key competences of specialists and students in the domain of media production for Radio, Film and Television.

47% of the population of the European Union has no digital skills, while it is foreseen that in the very near future 90 % of all work places will require a certain level of digital abilities. The main objective of our project is to adapt professionals of today s market as well as young aspiring students to the transition towards digital media production for Radio, Film and Television.

The RTV – Key Competences in Media production for Radio, Film and Television is funded by the European Commision through the Erasmus+ program, KA2 and unfolds for a period of two years, October 2019 – October 2021. SRR built a very solid and strong partnership, with European partners that have a diverse and complementary experience. Next to Radio Romania, the Tehnic Media College from Bucharest is a very specialised college, one of its kind in Romania which trains future professionals in the field of media production. Its students will benefit in a great degree from the results of the project, and they will be actively involved in piloting and testing the guides, methodologies and learning materials that will be produced, for the creation of a „Media Production Laboratory: Radio, Film and Television.

Lumiere Lyon 2 University from Lyon, France, is a Social Sciences and Humanistic Studies, with strong ties in the academic environment at EU level. The Institute of Communication that functions as part of the university prepares futures journalists and media experts. Teachers of the Institute, as well as researchers of the Laboratory for Education, Culture and Politics will be actively involved in the implementation of our common project.

Pixel – Associazione Culturale from Florence, Italy, is an NGO active in the field of education with a 20 years’ experience in the field of education at EU level, working closely with universities across Europe and other prestigious institutions.

The results of our project will be beneficial for young students in the field of Media from all over Europe from partner countries as well as for experts in the field of media production from the partner countries as well as from all over Europe. Through out the two years of activities we will organize local dissemination events, piloting and testing activities with the involvement and support of 50 students from Media College, we will work with all the partners on new guides for using new technologies in Radio, Film and Television and we will build an online platform with open educational resources that will be free to access for all those interested in creating media content by developping new digital competences. Also, students of Media College will take part in e-learning activities dedicated to media production, which especially in the context of the COVID – 19 epidemics is a gain as online is the new learning environment. Experts and specialists from Romania, France and Italy will work on preparing the content that will be shared on the platforms and website of the project.

Starting with September 2020, all the partners will start disseminating materials produced within the partnership on the websites and social media networks of each partner.